Fibre Blankets & Boards

All insultaing products offer the following outstanding thermal and physical characteristics:
• Low thermal conductivity
• Excellent thermal stability
• Low heat storage
• Resistance to thermal shock
• Lightweight
• Chemical stability
• Resilience
• Easy fabrication and installation

Insulating Blanket
Produced with advanced spinning technology, ceramic fibre blankets are made from long-staple, inorganic spun fibres needled to produce exceptional strength. Blanket is available in either 6 lb. or 8 lb. density and comes in 1/4" to 2" thicknesses.

Insulating Boards
Rigid, durable and highly refractory, insulating boards are available in thicknesses of 1/4" to 4". Boards range in widths from 24" to 48" and come in a variety of lengths.

Papers & Felts
Products include the most extensive line of ceramic fibre papers and felts available. These products are easily die cut and fabricated for a variety of thermal applications. Thicknesses range from 1/16" and up.